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Audrey Dana

Audrey Dana is a French actress born February 14, 1979, Married to Mabrouk El Mechri, a French movie director. She took course in drama in Orleans and Paris, Then came back to France after 2 years in New York. In France, She then acted in different plays like in Nos amis, les humains by Bernard Werber, Also one of the casts in the movie adaptation Nos amis les Terrains, and Roman de Gare by Claude Lelouch. And in 2008, nominated for the role to the Cesar for Most promising actress and won the Prix Romy Schneider.

Born on February 14, 1979 , French actress Audrey Dana grew up in Beauce.

French actress Audrey Dana was born on February 14, 1979 at Beauce, France. She was born in a culturally diversed household. Her father is a Tunisian Jew while her mother is an American Catholic. Thus, she was open to different cultures and religions.

She studied theater at the Conservatoire National d' Orleans and continued her studies at the L'Ecole Superieure d'Art Dramatique de Strasbourg.

In 1998, she went to New York. She started as a secretary but found the job as dull and sluggish. Thus, she walked into a theatre and asked for a job there. She started as an usher, then she did bartending and lastly she was managing the door. Her creativity kicked in after that and started an experimental theatre group named Cosmic Joe Collective.

After her two-year stint in New York, she went back to France and landed herself a role on Nos amis, les humains, a play by Bernard Werber. Later on she secured a role on Nos amis les Terriens, a movie adaptation of Werber's play. She later starred on Roman de Gare by Claude Lelouch, in which she played a lead role. Her portrayal of Huguette in Roman de Gare brought her a Cesar nomination for Best Female Newcomer.

Audrey Dana is separated from director Mabrouk El Mechri with whom she has a child, Lee. She also has a son named Lucca born from a previous marriage.


  • TV
  • 2006 : Josephine, ange gardien (Un passe pour l'avenir)
  • 2013 : Lustiger, la reconciliation
  • Cinema
  • 2007 : Nos amis les Terriens
  • 2007 : Roman de gare
  • 2007 : Chacun son cinema
  • 2007 : Ce soir je dors chez toi
  • 2008 : Second souffle
  • 2008 : 5 a 7
  • 2009 : Ah ! la libido
  • 2009 : Welcome
  • 2009 : La Difference c'est que c'est pas pareil
  • 2009 : Tellement proches
  • 2010 : Nous trois
  • 2010 : 600 kilos d'or pur
  • 2010 : Le Bruit des glacons
  • 2010 : Ces Amours
  • 2012 : Torpedo (film)
  • 2012 : Le Secret de l'enfant fourmi
  • 2012 : Les jeux des nuages et de la pluie
  • 2013 : Denis
  • In the production
  • 2013 : Les Bandits Manchots
  • Theater
  • 2001 : Le Carton
  • 2004 : Nos amis les humains
  • 2005 : La Seur du Grec
  • 2008 : Revoir Amelie
  • 2010 : Audition de Jean-Claude Carriere
  • 2011 : Le Paradis sur terre
  • 2012 : Le Dindon
  • 2012 : La Seur
  • Awards and Citations
  • 2008 : Prix Romy Schneider award
  • Cesar 2008 : nomination for Most Promising Actress Cesar for Roman de Gare
  • Cesar 2010 : nomination of Cesar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Welcome

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